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Mars Wisdom Panel – Not So Much

Posted in Flushers on October 11, 2013 by Red Dawg Lady

Mars Wisdom Panel dna kit flash deal popped up on Amazon a few weeks ago, I decided to do it just to prove a point. The point being that they are inaccurate. I was not disappointed.

The kit arrived, and I swabbed a dog that has 7 generations of AKC DNA on one half of the pedigree and 5 generations on the other half. So this means I have scientifically verified sires and dams for a quite a while. All are Vizslas, all have DNA profiles. I specifically chose this dog to
send in based on the multiple generations of proven, DNA verified, parentage.

So…. My dog is supposedly a Vizsla mix, according to Mars. What are the contributing breeds you ask? Boykin Spaniel, Skye Terrier, Pointer,
Cocker Spaniel, Airdale Terrier, and Scottish Deerhound.

Now, I recognize breed reconstruction efforts probably involved crossbreeding. I seriously doubt Skye terrier was ever used. Or Airdale.
Or Boykin Spaniel. Or Scottish Deerhound. Or even Cocker Spaniel. While there are rumors of Pointer infusions many, many, generations ago, if there was indeed Pointer, there should also be Foxhound, as that was supposedly infused into Pointers. I can’t think of a single sporting breed that was made from Skye Terriers

Final ruling? Save your money. They are pulling breeds out of thin air.

They send a slick looking 10 page report with a breed picture pedigree with written descriptions of the main contributors. The hilarious thing is that the GRANDPARENTS (which, remember, are DNA verified offspring of their Vizsla parents) are the ones that are supposed to be the mixed breed.

So, for you rescue folks that are looking for a way to identify your dogs as pure or mixed, save your money.

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