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Vizsla Folklore

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One of my favorite bits of Vizsla folklore is the soldier who tried to steal the Hungarian national treasure, St. Stephen’s Crown, during WWII, whose attempt was foiled by a pair of Vizslas, the other Hungarian national treasure. In one version, the tale goes on to state that the soldier was so impressed by the loyalty of the brace of dogs that he then went on to acquire one for himself after his release.


“Silently, the thief moved up to the small, glass-fronted vault. Inside, lay the Crown of Saint Stephen, a priceless medieval holy relic and beloved symbol of Hungary’s sovereignty. The thief’s plan was simple: shoot any guards, snatch the crown, and disappear before anyone could stop

His luck was about to run out.

Four dark amber eyes watched him approach the vault. Before he could touch it, a pair of sleek, red-gold dogs were on him, one gripping the thief’s gun hand, the other knocking him down. Moments later, human guards arrived to march him away to prison.

The vigilant watchdogs in this story reported to have taken place in the 1940’s were Vizslas, also considered a national treasure in Hungary. They were, most likely, rewarded as hardworking Vizslas have ever been: with a fond pat on the head and the Magyar equivalent of “Good dog!”



Why “Being Mean” needs to pay off!

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This is a great blog on the DogStar Daily site about teaching impulse control. If you think about it, ALL training issues are a result of impulse control. The dog needs to learn that good things come to those who wait. It’s your job to teach that.

Vinyl Vizslas!

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Vinyl Vizslas!

I started an etsy shop to sell some of my Vizsla wares! There’s only a few things up so far, but the selections will expand! My current favorites are the little bitty Vizsla nail decals! They could also be used for card making, scrapbooking, or other crafty adventures, too. They are absolutely adorable

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